About Us

Natural Temptations was started and is locally owned and operated in Boulder Colorado, a community of people where recreation, fitness, diet and good health are conscious concerns. It is our belief that we are continuing to see a change in the way Americans eat. As we continue to see the correlation between our health and what we eat, our diets will become more focused on what we are putting into our bodies. We will begin to tailor our diets to meet the individual needs of our bodies, moving from a reactive position in health to a proactive outlook. Thus pure foods, desired co
mbinations of foods and foods that either heal or prevent illness will become the focus of eating.

Award winning chef, Traci Johnson is the original inspiration for Natural Temptation's. A graduate with distinctions from Le Cordon Bleu, North America, she was trained in classic French cuisine with an emphasis on healthful, natural, organic, and vegan preparations. Chef Traci has been involved in the natural and organic community in Boulder since 2000 as a consultant and Co-Founder of Natural Temptations and owner of Cuisine By Design Catering.
Entrepreneur, and Personal Chef since 1989, Maryann DeLaCroix is managing CEO & Co-Founder of Natural Temptations.  Her passion for food and food preparation began in 1997 in Estes Park as co-owner and operator of the Park Theatre Cafe & Espresso Bar.
Being a long time resident of Boulder and graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder  seemed the perfect niche for launching Natural Temptations egg and dairy free line of baked goods.  And now, the business evolves further offering customized, healthy organic meals.
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