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In a dizzying world of information and responsibilities, the words "What's for dinner?" can be heard as a battle cry. Along with careers, families, fitness routines, and finding time for fun, healthful eating has become one more challenge. We are becoming increasingly more aware of the importance of what we are putting into our bodies and the need to create a healthier lifestyle for ourselves and our families. Many of us shy away from the prospect of healthy eating due to the misconceptions of inconvenience and difficult preparation. Now  there is another option, abundant with variety, health benefits, and convenience, and tailored to every taste.

Natural Temptations Organic offers a customized door-to-door organic, non-GMO prepared meal service that encourages a conveniently healthy and organic lifestyle for the busy professional and the average family.  NTO creates an open door to a healthier lifestyle through fresh (never frozen) well balanced delicious prepared meals using organic ingredients with out the hassle of preparation and decision making. The food is already prepared, you don't have to shop, you don't have to cook, and you don't have to clean up! And that's a big plus for busy people with hectic lifestyles.

Each organic meal plan can be tailored to fit the lifestyle of our individual clients or for the whole family. For example, we wouldn't prepare the same portion sizes or food choices for the kids as the adults. With obesity rates being so high, nutrition is at the forefront of society's consciousness and making healthy choices for the whole family makes sense. Natural Temptations’ chefs are classically trained and specialize in adapting meals to meet most dietary requirements.

All of our ingredients are sourced fresh from the finest organic farms, locally when possible, and prepared with no additives or genetically modified organisms. Each meal is handcrafted by the Natural Temptations Chef and staff on a weekly basis per order and are delivered fresh to local addresses.

"Organic foods are the epitome of healthy living. If living well and maintaining physical and mental health are high on your priorities, then choosing a sound nutritional plan just makes sense.


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